The Alexander Art Foundation is the official nonprofit partner of A Cultivated Mindset.

As a team, we are helping improve communities by addressing issues fundamental to the diverse citizens in ways in which organizations approach and integrate arts, digital media, and technology into their youth programs, practices, and philosophies. The Alexander Art Foundation has chosen framework created by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation in connection with its grant making initiative on Digital Media and Learning. With this framework, we will help organizational efforts related to arts, digital media and technology and to establish a true building block close all economic and digital divides in the community.

We address needs related to future workforce development and education, community development, and basic needs. As a technology institution, we respond in two ways—by helping to address the immediate need as well as longer-term solutions for economic self-sufficiency via arts, digital media, and technology. And we’re investing $100,000 over five years in this effort.

Thinker's Lab Program

Thinker’s Lab offers schools the opportunity to provide design thinking and entrepreneurship classes to students directly with minimal effort from the school. The program uniquely combines digital media, technology and entrepreneurship for school children. Offering a hands on learning experience designed to give your students an edge in our technology-focused world.

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We use digital media and technology to engage the entrepreneur mindset and help schools face the challenges of engaging students in new technology appropriately.


A focus on helping each participant create something with technology focus, whether it is a website, mobile application or even a future product design for a non-existing hardware.


Our program uses the formal method for practical, creative resolution of problems and creation of solutions called design thinking, it is based on solution-focused thinking.

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